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I know the boys and girls are not alone now that Hitsville hit UK

I just spent the past hour and a half privatizing all of my past entries. I've decided that I want to kind of start over with this thing. I don't want to be as secretive as I was before about it (which may seem weird that I privatized my entries, but bear with me). Previously I only let three people read this thing, and I thought that was pretty shizzy, so I've decided to extend my friends, especially since I want to keep in touch with NYUers over the summer. So, please don't feel bad that I'm not allowing anyone but myself to read my old's nothing personal - I just wanted to be left with a blank slate to work with. So that's that. This thing will still be friends-only...I'm not ready to be PUBLIC, that's for sure. So yeah. I really have to pee. So bye.

Favorite Song of the Moment: "Nightclubbing" by Iggy Pop
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